Renewable energy companies are experiencing a boost in popularity as public policy mandates take hold and increasing numbers of environmentally-conscious consumers drive the sustainability market. This, coupled with the growing public interest in corporate sustainability practices (CSR), requires that companies adopt a proactive PR strategy to foresee and avoid potential miscommunications and missteps when promoting their products and services.

Businesses, especially green businesses, are under constant scrutiny to increase their commitments to sustainability and be truthful and transparent about their practices. An effective public relations program is integral to developing healthy stakeholder and community relationships. As the green economy grows, there is increasing demand for experienced public relations services suited to communicate specifically with the sustainability market.

Green PR agencies, like Sustainable PR, offer companies a host of advantages over traditional PR services. There are hundreds of traditional public relations agencies out there, but here’s why businesses should choose a green PR agency instead.

Why Green-Focused PR Outperforms Traditional PR

Green PR is a specialized field of public relations dedicated to communicating a company’s socially conscious and environmentally-friendly business practices to the public. Unlike “general” or traditional PR, green PR favors an ethical focus regarding transparency and adherence to mandates, serving as an important benefit for building positive corporate and consumer relations. Beyond the ethical focus, there are numerous other advantages to employing a green PR agency over others.

Green PR understands the responsibilities of being a green business

Green businesses are expected to abide by increasingly strict regulations under national, state, and local legislation. Further, they have a responsibility to maintain transparent communication about their sustainability practices with their audience. Sustainable public relations agencies are better equipped with the knowledge of regulations and the ability to curate messages that are explicit and actionable.

Green PR can best navigate and avoid instances of greenwashing

Green PR agencies are more adept at communicating a client’s message or mission in ways that are competent, compelling, and ethically sound. Climate-conscious consumers are known to rigorously investigate company practices to ensure their messaging and behaviors are aligned. Green PR is equipped with the skills and language to predict, avoid, and navigate possible instances of greenwashing or false advertising. Instead of vague and misleading messaging, green PR agencies have mastered offering accurate data, being transparent, using the correct terminology, and encouraging greener habits.

Green PR emphasizes trust and community relations

Trust is essential for any business, but it is especially vital for green companies. The environment and climate crisis are sensitive topics for consumers, communities and organizations around the world. Green PR’s emphasis on building strong community ties helps businesses establish credibility and trust with their audience, allowing them to effectively and honestly advance their green initiatives.

How Can Green PR Advance My Sustainability Campaign?

The green economy is as profitable as it is challenging. Green PR takes a proactive approach to public relations, offering businesses of any size the flexibility to navigate the green marketplace and make the right connections to build a large and loyal customer base. Now, large and small corporations alike are reaping the benefits of PR and publicizing their sustainability initiatives in the media.

In an article published by The Guardian, Andrew Lest discussed the role PR can take in corporate sustainability “as an agent for change rather than to gloss up reputations.” Companies are already taking advantage. Sustainable PR client Cipriani Energy Group, a renewable energy company focused on building community solar projects, is using a proactive green PR strategy with promising success. As a result, Cipriani is gaining a foothold in municipalities across New York State, one of the hottest renewable energy markets in the United States.

Green-specific PR strategies are helping grow support from residents, state officials, and local organizations, strengthening and advancing the solar energy company’s green initiatives. After rallying community support for their project, Cipriani Energy Group received unanimous approval to install a large solar farm on a capped landfill in Guilderland NY. This is just the latest in a string of projects which total about 25 sites throughout the state.

“With those types of ambitious goals, it seems clear to us that New York state is committed to that path toward emissions-free electricity. So we feel it’s a solid market with a future… I think a lot of folks have come to embrace solar as a stable form of investment,” Chris Stroud, CEO of Cipriani Energy Group.

It is crucial for sustainable brands, like renewable energy companies, to build trust with skeptical audiences. With green specialized public relations, green businesses are equipped with the right strategies and resources that will best highlight their brand’s eco-driven story, generating meaningful long-term brand value.

About Sustainable PR

Sustainable PR is a green-focused public relations agency dedicated to advancing the growth and success of business with a mission in sustainability. As the green economy grows, Sustainable PR aims to give a boost to the sustainability sector by supporting the success of companies tackling the oncoming climate crisis and helping to move the economy forward towards a post-polluting world.

Founded in 2020, the company wins top media placements, develops key brand messaging and builds award-winning campaigns which help companies realize their sustainability commitments and take advantage of a growing sustainability market — all while contributing to a greener planet. For more information about the company’s mission and services, visit their website or call (518) 223-9962‬.