Sustainable PR client (re)x was featured in The Environmental Magazine for their green holiday gift guide:

Better Hangers
(re) x , an eco-design company, recently launched its own line of 100% recycled hangers made from previously ocean and ocean-bound plastic. (re) x (pronounced re-to-the-x) was founded by fashion designer Paulina Quintana whose mission is to reduce consumers’ environmental footprint by eliminating the need for products made from virgin plastic while delivering a fantastic, durable, and more versatile product.

“Not only are the hangers good for the environment, but they are also more functional and effective,” says Quintana, founder and chief designer of (re) x . In addition to being more sustainable, the company’s hangers are engineered to last longer than conventional plastic hangers. The hangers come in nine colors. You can buy a 10-pack for $20 directly from (re) x, and it will ship in compostable cornstarch-derived bioplastic wrapping from The Better Packaging Co.

Originally published by The Environmental Magazine on November 15, 2021.