Community relations consultation to move your brand’s environmental mission forward

Community relations is where the rubber meets the road for green brands with an environmental agenda. The PR consultant’s role in a green company’s outreach strategy is to identify likely allies, act as a spokesman for the cause, and marshal support for your most ambitious projects.

We build coalitions out of stakeholders with opposing interests to create the major buy-in needed for systemic change. We have a background in political and community relation-building from decades in environmental advocacy that other agencies can’t match. Our specialty is finding common cause among opposing interests over thorny terrain.

Sustainable PR Expertise

Community relations strategies from communications experts

The most ambitious projects and game-changing innovations in the environmental market often result from bringing together diverse sets of stakeholders to achieve a common goal. Great ideas can be held up by muddled messaging, mixed public reception, competitive interests, and lack of a unifying platform. That’s when you need the guidance of a seasoned communications expert to lead a community relations outreach campaign and act as a champion for your brand.

Strong communications for strong stakeholder relations

Through careful strategic planning and direct outreach, you can build momentum for your brand and harness individual voices into a wave of support. We provide community and stakeholder relations support as a core part of our public relations consultation services for green brands.

Community and stakeholder relations services can entail writing letters to potential collaborators or performing direct outreach with community influencers to earn their support. We help you build a clear and concise pitch to persuasively state your case for stakeholders. By applying our community and influencer relations best practices, we build a whole greater than the sum of its parts.

Environmental Social Governance (ESG) consultation for market leaders

As part of our community relations and stakeholder relations services, we also provide environmental, social, and corporate governance (ESG) consulting. The markets are increasingly turning their attention to companies with a demonstrable commitment to environmental sustainability, social impact, and responsible governance. Green companies are extraordinarily well positioned to capture these opportunities, leveraging our ESG consulting services to help build a finance industry-literate communications strategy. 

Our ESG finance experts can help guide you in the nuances of the ESG framework, providing powerful insight and access to quickly growing investment markets. As more emphasis is placed on sustainable business practices, an understanding of the ESG criteria that guides these markets becomes a powerful tool in the marketing arsenal of any green business.

Enough Talk, Let's Build Something Together