Media Relations and Training in Glens Falls, NY

Our expert media relations practitioners offer journalist outreach, media interview training, and earned media remerchandising consultation to win press from high value media outlets.

Sustainable PR Services

Expert Media Relations Management and Training

Media relations is the beating heart of our award-winning earned media services. To secure press coverage for our clients, our media relations experts leverage 30 years’ worth of industry contacts to place the right story on the right desk at the right time. We’ve built relationships at major national and international media outlets through decades of journalist outreach on behalf of industry leaders and changemakers.

Expert journalist outreach

Our media relations experts leverage their relationships with journalists in influential media outlets to earn exposure, credibility and crucial third-party validation for our clients. A media relations engagement represents a commitment in the future of your environmentally-focused business, because generating impactful press coverage is not about simply seeking a large volume of media impressions. Driving results for sustainable businesses through public relations is about skillfully controlling the message, and executing on a strategic earned media strategy. This may entail media interview training for your stakeholders to prep for a public affairs interview, or performing journalist outreach with a timely news hook.

Sustainable businesses benefit from working with a public relations firm that knows both the media landscape and the sustainability market inside and out. As an environmental PR firm, SustainablePR is one of the only independent PR firms that is focused exclusively on environmental public relations for sustainability-focused business models. We’re also one of the few media relations practitioners that provides senior-level talent throughout each stage of the client engagement.

Expert Media Relations Management and Training

We offer a full bench of media relations practitioners and services. SustainablePR provides media training to leverage your subject matter experts for impact and exposure. We also provide content development and messaging consultation as part of our press release distribution services. Our team maintains an extensive network of contacts with editors and journalists at target media outlets including print, online, TV news, blogs, and radio. We forged inroads at some of the most competitive markets and most saturated media landscapes, building award-winning campaigns for the finance, real estate, biopharma and tech industries. We deliver impact through strategic secured placements in national and international media outlets, building on media impressions to grow a following with lasting impact.

Remerchandising strategies for higher impact and maximum ROI

We also offer guidance on remerchandising media placements to extend the return on your public relations investment. This can entail repurposing content for social media, snowballing the impact of earned media impressions by sharing, re-sharing, and repackaging press mentions for further content. An earned media remerchandising strategy can help you leverage your media coverage into new digital marketing assets for your business website, social media pages, and pitch deck presentations.

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