Sustainable packaging providers are about to experience a market boom in Upstate New York. Starting January 1st, New York State has officially banned the use of polystyrene foam containers, single-use foam containers, and loose-fill packing peanuts. Originally approved in 2020, it is another step towards the state’s environmental mission alongside its renewable energy goals

The polystyrene foam ban means that businesses serving the green packaging market will get a huge boost in demand for their products–hospitals, restaurants, retail food stores, and schools are soon all going to be looking for packaging suppliers who offer sustainable single-use containers options. 

To capitalize on this newest boost to the increasingly competitive sustainability market, sustainable packaging companies will need strong public relations to get the word out about their sustainable offerings to fill the vacuum left by the styrofoam ban. There’s never been a better time to be proactive and aggressive about marketing your green packaging offerings while the market scrambles to react to the new restrictions.

Sustainable Packaging Companies Need Green PR

Green PR, a niche and growing field of public relations, specializes in communicating a company’s socially-conscious and environmentally-friendly business practices to the public. A green PR initiative calls for an ethical focus regarding transparency and compliance with environmental mandates, which is a key differentiator for green companies trying to build positive corporate, stakeholder, and consumer relations. 

Whereas traditional public relations firms are typically industry-agnostic, practitioners in the Green PR field may be better equipped to respond to the specific PR needs of green businesses, such as:

  • In-depth knowledge of national, state, and local environmental legislation
  • Heightened awareness of and ability to predict, avoid, and navigate possible instances of greenwashing or false advertising
  • Emphasis on strengthening community ties, building trust, and establishing credibility

As the green economy grows, there is increasing demand for experienced public relations services suited to communicate specifically with the sustainability market. Green PR agencies, like Sustainable PR, are dedicated to building green PR campaigns and brand messaging that not only reflect a brand’s mission but meet the expectations of legal and public entities. Their expertise in navigating the green economy makes them a valuable resource for businesses trying to advance their sustainability missions.

How To Grow Your Sustainable Packaging Company with Green PR

Businesses in the sustainable packaging market can reap a host of benefits and gain a competitive advantage by hiring a Green PR agency. New regulations and laws are popping up all over the country regarding environmentally friendly single-use containers. The ban on polystyrene foam in Upstate New York is only the latest example in a string of environmental mandates targeting disposables in consumer products, and they’re only going to become more common and more popular as populations adjust to life without single-use plastics. There are already numerous states across the U.S. that prohibit businesses from selling or providing plastic bags to customers. These evolving policies only serve as evidence of the trajectory of the green packaging market and the coming opportunities for sustainable packaging companies.

Given the growing need for sustainable packaging in the face of continued single-use plastic regulation, many businesses in the green economy are competing to stay ahead of increasing competition. Like other businesses with sustainable messages, success for sustainable packaging companies depends on a comprehensive green PR strategy that can build strong relationships with stakeholders and businesses and communicate the benefits of sustainable packaging. 

New buyers are going to be entering the market for the first time, looking to fulfill purchase orders to replace plastic disposables that may never have considered a green option before. They may well be assuming that any green packaging option will inherently be more expensive, less convenient, or otherwise poorly suited to their operations. Now is the time for green companies to educate them on how far sustainable packaging technology has come, and drive home their key value points.  

Let’s take a look at one company that is taking advantage of the benefits of Green PR. 

One of the largest hurdles faced by consumers when accessing sustainable products is cost. Many individuals and businesses are hindered by the high costs of “going green,” something that Sustainable PR client Evanesce wants to change. Evanesce is a sustainable technology company dedicated to providing single-use containers that are 100% compostable, 100% plant-based, and 100% cost-competitive. 

Evanesce patented its plant-based technology to create single-use containers from molded starch. Not only do they boast a bio-safe coating that makes them marine and soil biodegradable, but they also decompose in 90 days or less. This is a huge leap ahead for traditional sustainable packaging, which has been limited to post-consumer recycled plastics and “compostable” options that don’t degrade for years outside of an industrial composting facility, to which few consumers have access. Evanesce is offering an affordable sustainable solution that requires a strong green PR effort to communicate these benefits to consumers. 

Evanesce and green companies like them enjoy a significant competitive advantage over other companies in the green packaging market. Green PR agencies are armed with the resources and knowledge to help sustainable businesses conquer common obstacles within the green economy. Sustainable packaging companies are under constant scrutiny from consumers and stakeholders concerned about the trustworthiness of green brands. Plenty of businesses are guilty of greenwashing – intentional or not. With the help of Sustainable PR, Evanesce is better equipped to get ahead of the obstacles faced by green businesses so they can focus on their eco-driven mission.

About Sustainable PR

Sustainable PR is a green-focused public relations agency dedicated to advancing the growth and success of businesses with a mission in sustainability. As the green economy grows, Sustainable PR aims to give a boost to the sustainability sector by supporting the success of companies tackling the oncoming climate crisis and helping to move the economy forward towards a post-polluting world. Founded in 2020, the company wins top media placements, develops key brand messaging and builds award-winning campaigns which help companies realize their sustainability commitments and take advantage of a growing sustainability market — all while contributing to a greener planet. For more information about the company’s mission and services, contact us for a free video consultation on your green messaging  or call (518) 223-9962‬.