Sustainable PR Grows in Glens Falls with New Headquarters and New Clients

Entrepreneur’s Big Bet on Glens Falls Pays Off as Agency Celebrates First Year in Business Providing PR for Sustainable Companies

Glens Falls, NY, November 8, 2021 Sustainable PR, a public relations agency that provides earned media services to green companies, celebrates its one-year anniversary in Glens Falls this month with a new office, new clients, and a ribbon-cutting ceremony with the Adirondack Chamber of Commerce.

A 30-year veteran of the PR industry, principal DeFazio chose to bring his new agency to the gateway to the Adirondacks in Glens Falls, New York. Since launching in November 2020, the agency has been sought by businesses in the growing sustainability sector for their specialized PR services. Today, the agency supports a half dozen clients including The University of Albany, the City of Glens Falls, and Cipriani Solar Energy group. Days before marking their first full year in business, they are proud to announce signing an agreement with newest client Evanesce, a quickly growing Vancouver British Columbia-based technology startup. Evanesce recently closed their Series B funding round for $10.1M, and hold a patent on their formula for mass-producible, biodegradable, and sustainably-sourced consumer goods packaging. Sustainable PR will lead an international public relations campaign to grow the company’s presence in the food packaging and industrial manufacturing sectors.  

Says founder DeFazio, “We can’t wait for legislative action to force the hand of corporate interests. Lawmakers cannot and should not be the only ones working to pull us back from the brink of climate disaster–business leaders must help lead this charge, not lobby to oppose it. COP26 is great, and we look forward to celebrating their progress, but business practices and profit models must shift now, with or without the direction of legislative mandates.”

We can’t fix an unsustainable economy by slapping new regulations onto a broken system. This approach has left corporations to play a game of chicken with one other to see who can gain a competitive advantage by being the slowest to change and the last to be compelled to act. Traditionally, it’s been cheap to pollute and expensive to evolve. Our clients are working to change that, and we’re getting them the exposure they deserve. We tell their stories, boost their public profiles, and grow their market share, because we believe that green business service providers like us can start building a sustainable economy today.”       


Business Leaders Find a Seat for Sustainability in the Adirondacks 

The new headquarters of Sustainable PR will be at 46 Elm Street, in the “White House” of Glens Falls. To be celebrated in a ribbon-cutting ceremony this month, the new location is situated within walking distance of City Hall, the Adirondack Regional Chamber of Commerce, and Warren County EDC, where SustainablePR found invaluable colleagues and collaborators for their work in sustainability during their first year. The building is located in the downtown business district, providing easy access and collaboration with the many businesses, restaurants, and services that are booming with the forthcoming revitalization of South Street.

In the first year of business, SustainablePR found a collaborative community of business leaders and an appetite for action in sustainability that highlighted the potential of the Adirondacks as a seat of influence in the new Green economy. DeFazio predicts that as the Sustainability sector grows, the Adirondacks regional business community will lead the charge. At a recent Southern Adirondack Forum event hosted by Warren County EDC, President and CEO of the Regional Office of Sustainable Tourism James B. McKenna noted that “Environmental Sustainability should be all over everything we’re doing in the Adirondacks.” It’s in this environment that SustainablePR quickly established a community of collaborators, and has grown and thrived in their first year in business.

Founder DeFazio recognized this potential in his search for a seat for his new agency. “During the height of the pandemic, when I hatched an idea for a specialty agency for sustainability, I knew two things: a green economy and a healthy planet would be the next fight after COVID, and the fight would be bigger.” said DeFazio.  “The market for green products and services was exploding in 2020, and the climate crisis was becoming ‘real’ for the average consumer. I knew earned media would be crucial to companies telling their stories, and that they would need veteran guidance to compete as the green economy grows. And I knew that the place to launch a green business support service like this was going to be in the Adirondacks.”  


About Sustainable PR

Sustainable PR is an Upstate New York-based public relations agency which brings earned media expertise to green companies. As the green economy grows, Sustainable PR aims to give a boost to the sustainability sector by supporting the success of companies tackling the oncoming climate crisis and helping to move the economy forward towards a post-polluting world.  

Founded in 2020, the company wins top media placements, develops key brand messaging and builds award-winning campaigns which help companies realize their sustainability commitments and take advantage of a growing sustainability market — all while contributing to a greener planet. For more information about the company’s mission and services, visit their website or call (518) 223-9962‬.