Natasha Vaughn-Holdridge April 22 – The Post-Star



GLENS FALLS—Locals celebrated Earth Day in Glens Falls with the
4th annual Earth Day Celebration in City Park Saturday.




The annual event was organized by Sustainable PR, the City of Glens
Falls and Crandall Public Library. This year’s theme of Sustainable
Futures, was aimed at highlighting living more sustainably today to
help create a better tomorrow.


A variety of different booths aimed at educating the public about Earth
Day and the things that can be done to help the planet were set up in
City Park Saturday.


The event also included interactive workshops; a “healthy futures,”
food tasting; tours of Glens Falls Agricultural Pilot — the “vertical
farm”; as well as art exhibits from local elementary school students
showcasing sustainability.


Glens Falls Economic Development Director, Jeff Flagg, read a
proclamation about Earth Day and its importance.

“It’s great to see folks come out and learn a little bit about what our
community is doing to try and protect and preserve the planet that
we’re here on together,” Flagg said.


Emmett Smith, CEO, Northern Power & Light gave the event’s
Keynote Address.


“This is really up to us,” Smith said. “We have to act as individuals and
as communities. And whether were seeing change at larger levels or
not, shouldn’t dictate what we do. If you’re here today, don’t leave
without doing something.


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