Bob Beckstead

October 11, 2023

MASSENA — The green hydrogen facility proposed by Air Products and Chemicals for Pontoon BridgeRoad in Massena is still under environmental reviews.

“We have to go through a lot of permitting,” said Trip Oliver, director of government relations for AirProducts.

Air Products has submitted an application to the St. Lawrence County Industrial Development Agency, requesting that the IDA consider undertaking a project consisting of “the acquisition of a lease hold interest in an approximately 88.6-acre parcel of land located on Pontoon Bridge Road” in the town of Massena.

It’s also asking the IDA to consider the construction of an approximately 88.6-acre green hydrogen facility to harvest up to 36 metric tons per day of green hydrogen using renewable power that will be supplied by the New York Power Authority. The facility will include an electrolyzer building, compressor building, water treatment building, control building, terminal building and an electrical substation with associated parking areas, access roads, emergency generators and pads.

The facility will produce liquid-hydrogen through electrolysis using the hydroelectric power. The company will invest about $500 million in the facility, which is expected to come on line in late 2026.

As part of the company’s plan, Air Products is requesting a 20-year payment in lieu of taxes, PILOT agreement from the IDA. Patrick J. Kelly, CEO of the IDA, said an environmental review is part of that process.

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