Evanesce, a Sustainable PR client, is praised by Western Food Processor for combining sustainability and affordability in their plant-based packaging solutions:

Chicago, IL, March 9, 2022 – Less than 10% of plastic gets recycled in the U.S. leaving it to pollute the environment and sit in landfills for centuries. There is a revolution occurring in the compostable food packaging sector. Dougles Horne, Founder and CEO of Evanesce, a global leader in sustainable packaging will participate in a preshow discussion during the Sustainability in Packaging US Event on March 9th at 2:00pm in Chicago, Illinois.

Regarded as the premier event for the packaging industry, Sustainability in Packaging US offers a collaborative forum that provides a 360 perspective on the key challenges facing the supply chain, as well as an introduction to innovative packaging solutions supporting the evolution of a circular economy. From brand owners and retailers, to packaging converters, manufacturers, suppliers, and more, this event provides opportunities to network, connect, and explore the future of sustainable packaging.

Horne’s presentation, “Plant-Based Packaging is the Future of Sustainable Packaging” will address packaging alternatives such as plant-based packaging products, biodegradable initiatives, and other innovative solutions. He will cover:

The harmful reality of the recycling industry

Best plastic alternatives

Evanesce’s compostable packaging

Evanesce’s patented plant-based technology

The circular economy

A successful serial entrepreneur with a specialty in corporate development across several industries, Horne founded Evanesce with a mission to challenge the crisis of plastics. Passionate about sustainability, he is focused on providing responsible solutions to the packaging and food services industries. Horne will discuss why the convenient and unsustainable plastic packaging that has dominated the industry for decades is no longer acceptable.Evanesce offers sustainable packaging alternatives that are eco-friendly, compostable, and engineered to meet the high standards that the packaging and food industries demand.

At the event, Evanesce will also be showcasing their array of packaging technologies and eco-friendly products. Their booth will feature the patented Evanesce® Molded Starch Technology and Evanesce® Biopolymer products including straws, cups, trays, and more. All are 100% plant-based, cost-competitive, and fully compostable in less than 90 days. Booth visitors will be able to inspect these solutions and meet members of the Evanesce team including Brett Featherston, Global VP of Sales and Chuck Zachman, Director of Sales.

Evanesce’s array of compostable packaging products are cost competitive to other alternatives, offer significantly improved durability, and are BPI certified to be commercially compostable. The company sets itself apart from the competition with American-made, high-quality products without the supply chain delays and offers sustainable technologies for our future. Exciting new products include meal trays, meat trays, containers, and cups will be unveiled this year.

This was originally published by Western Food Processor on March 9, 2022.