Sustainable PR client (re)x is featured by Houston Style Magazine for completing the distribution of their ocean plastic hangers:

(re)x, an eco-design company, announced it has completed distribution agreements with elite schools, retail stores and museums which will carry its line of 100% recycled hangers made from previously ocean and ocean-bound plastic. (re) x (pronounced re-to-the-x) was founded by fashion designer Paulina Quintana whose mission is to reduce consumers’ environmental footprint by eliminating the need for products made from virgin plastic while delivering a fantastic, durable, and more versatile product.

“Not only are the hangers good for the environment, but they are also more functional and effective,” said Quintana, founder and chief designer of (re) x. In addition to being more sustainable, the company’s hangers are engineered to last longer than conventional plastic hangers.

Since the firm’s debut last month at the NY Now, (re) x has received orders from retail stores across North America. “We firmly believe enlightened businesses and institutions know the value of offering sustainably-based consumer products that reduce our impact on the planet,” commented Quintana. “The stores we announce agreements with today represent a diverse mix of audiences, all of whom feel passionately about protecting and improving our world.”

Selected retailers now carrying (re) x:

New Museum, NYC, NY– Manhattan’s only dedicated contemporary art museum is internationally respected for its avant-garde curation and global purview.

Ikram, Chicago, IL – An exclusive women’s fashion boutique in Chicago offering an environment that showcases trendsetting products in women’s fashion, accessories, and gift items.

S. Feldman, NYC, NY – A cornerstone of New York City’s Upper East Side, the iconic family-owned housewares store carries over 10,000 items.

Tarzian West, Brooklyn, NY – This woman-owned designer home good store has been a Brooklyn institution since 1977.

University of British Columbia (UBC), Vancouver, BC – A cultural touchstone for the province of British Columbia provides innovative products and services, promoting community and building school spirit.

UCLA, Los Angeles, CA – The UCLA Store, operated by the Associated Students UCLA Student-Run Enterprises, is a leader in on-campus merchandizing.

The Bolles School, Jacksonville, FL – An independent college preparatory school, with an international reputation for excellence and more than 1,600 students, not only sells the hangers to its students, but uses them for display and merchandising.

Raw materials for the (re)x hangers are sourced from beach clean-ups and local recycling efforts in South Africa. The company partners with Ocean Plastic Technologies to recover plastics from the ocean and remove post-consumer and post-commercial plastics from the waste stream. To date, 3.3 tons of ocean and ocean-bound plastic waste have been removed from waterways thanks to (re)x hangers.

Consumers can order (re)x hangers directly from the company’s website and have them shipped anywhere in the world. The company sells 10-packs of hangers for $20. Different colors are not only fun, but practical, and can be used to organize clothes, declutter, color-code by season, size, etc. While the hangers are designed to never break, if one does, it can be sent back, reground, and certainly replaced.

This was originally published by the Houston Style Magazine on August 29, 2021.