We were featured in Platform Magazine! An excerpt is below:

Tony DeFazio, founder and principal of Sustainable PR, has noticed that many other brands are now attempting to alter their products and brand statements to project an image of sustainability. These brands must be cautious of false advertising.

“Companies large and small are being held to account by informed consumers who are seeking eco-products,” DeFazio explained. “What we are seeing is that a lot of companies are getting damaged because a very active consumer base, driven by millennials, has grown up learning about climate change.”

He added, “If these consumers find they are being misled by [a] company’s environmental claims, they will call these companies out by taking to social media through viral videos or posts.”

DeFazio has worked in the media and public relations industry for almost 30 years. He has been an active volunteer for environmental and sustainable causes throughout his entire career. DeFazio wanted to combine his passion for the public relations industry while helping the planet; thus the idea for his new company was born.His company, Sustainable PR, revolves around the ideology of combining success while maintaining sustainability. As stated on its website, “Sustainable PR is partnering with innovators and market leaders, pioneering solutions to the challenges facing our planet. We represent startups, middle market, and public companies across many disciplines with a mission in sustainability.”

There is a large market for sustainability that is constantly expanding. DeFazio stated that “this is the market of all markets. This is the biggest market opportunity in generations. What we do at Sustainable PR is we offer ‘earned media’ service that provides critical third party validation in the media. We counsel companies that need to really think through their communications. Before focusing on the marketing aspect, companies should really focus on environmental social governance (ESG). ESG makes up the legs of a stool, as each component is necessary to help the other.”

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