Our client Michael Ackerman, CEO of EcoForests Asset Management was interviewed and quoted by Ruscena Wiederholt in her article featured in TriplePundit.


With wildfires ravaging Canada, devastating coastal Maui and sparking elsewhere around the world, it’s been a bad year for fire. In our hard-hit neighbor to the north, an area about the size of Mississippi has burned, while Maui’s blazes were the deadliest in over a century. These punishing wildfires — occurring more frequently and devouring more land — seem to be a new normal.

Unsurprisingly, a major factor behind this is global warming. Higher temperatures and droughts dry out fuels like grasses, debris, shrubs and trees during the fire season, leaving forests like a giant tinderbox waiting to be set off. With more active and longer fire seasons on the horizon, projections for the future look bleak. The United Nations Environment Program predicts a 50 percent increase in the risk of extreme wildfires globally by the year 2100.

Slowing down the juggernaut of global warming is complex, but is combatting this evil spinoff as daunting? Fortunately, we can take steps to prevent wildfires that are good for the environment, too.

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