Green PR Firm Founder Calls Manchin-Schumer Senate Agreement “Historic” in Fighting Climate Change

Glens Falls, NY, July 28, 2022 – Tony DeFazio, founder and CEO of Sustainable PR, the nation’s only PR firm exclusively focused on the green economy, says the Manchin-Schumer climate agreement announced Wednesday will go down as a historic moment in America’s effort to fight the catastrophic effects of climate change.

With wildfires raging across Europe and North America and an unprecedented heatwave and drought sweeping across the Southwest, leaders in Washington, D.C., came together in an extraordinary agreement that ensures the United States will remain at the forefront of the fight against climate change.

“Simply put, this agreement represents the largest investment in a sustainable climate in America’s history,” said DeFazio, a 30-year public relations executive and environmental advocate. “The Inflation Reduction Act of 2022, once implemented, will dramatically reduce the United States’ carbon footprint, and make a historic down payment for future generations. This may be one moment in our history when our children and our children’s children take pride in their elected leaders.”

The agreement calls for $370 billion in energy security and climate-change programs over the next ten years to boost American competitiveness, create jobs, and reduce methane and carbon emissions while also decarbonizing the world. According to DeFazio, the agreement “will put America first in the global race to develop technologies for a greener planet.” “Carbon emissions are the number one environmental problem facing the planet. This agreement provides game-changing investments that will spur technological innovations to reduce carbon and protect our climate,” DeFazio added.

DeFazio went on to say, “With the agreement’s industrial technology tax credits and provisions on sustainable residential and commercial development, we expect businesses throughout the North Country and beyond to directly benefit from this bill.”

About Sustainable PR
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