Sustainable PR’s ribbon-cutting ceremony was recently covered in Foothills Business Daily:

After a year in business providing public relations and “earned media” credit—that is, getting clients into stories and as experts in front of cameras—Sustainable PR cut the ribbon Tuesday Nov. 16 on office space at 46 Elm St. in Glens Falls, about a block from the city’s planned South Street development.

“I think we’re going to be strategically located to build off the energy in the city,” said Tony DeFazio, the owner and founder of Sustainable PR. He was a longtime PR executive in the Philadelphia area, but moved to the area last year because he has said he sees a need for green companies and companies using green technologies to tell their stories. The industry is growing.

Plus, he loves the area, having vacationed throughout the Adirondacks as a child and young man.

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The company has one full-time Account Manager on site along with DeFazio, he said, and three contributors working remotely.

Two of the four offices in the second floor suite are complete, he wrote in a subsequent email, with two more underway for planned expansion.

“I would add that we intend to hire for those two additional offices, to bring our head count to three on site,” DeFazio wrote.

The weather was chilly as people gathered outside for the ceremony, but DeFazio was undeterred. His last outdoor activity was a fun Earth Day coloring festival for children in Glens Falls City Park early last spring.

It was “similar weather with 40 mile-per-hour winds and blowing snow, so this is beautiful weather,” he said.

Glens Falls Mayor Dan Hall thanked DeFazio for setting up shop in Glens Falls last year when he could have chosen anywhere in the Adirondacks.

“I very much appreciated Tony starting here and not going to Lake Placid,” he quipped.

This feature was originally published by Foothills Business Daily on November 18, 2021.