Sustainable PR sat down with Glens Falls TODAY’s reporter, Kate Haggerty to discuss what is in store for the company’s third-annual Earth Day Event.

On Saturday, April 22nd, 2023, from 10:00 AM to 2:00 PM in City Park… Sustainable PR, Crandall Public Library, and The City of Glens Falls are sponsoring the Third-Annual Earth Day Celebration!

Sustainable PR is a green-focused public relation agency here in Glens Falls. They help to sponsor this event to reinforce the concept of sustainability in the community, and over the last three years this event has grown substantially… This year, it includes events for all ages – the event organizers have broadened the activities to get more members of the community interested in participating.

Lydia Miner joined the team at Sustainable PR as an account executive. Her previous experience working with the United Way helped her to develop relationships with local non-profits, corporate sponsors, and school districts. She has worked to attract organizations to participate, that in the past have sponsored their own Earth Day events.

“I like to get people involved and work with the school districts… Instead of everyone doing their own events, we’re trying to pull everyone together and have one event for the city. All of the organizations and businesses can get involved,” Lydia said.

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