May 02, 2024

T.R. Ludwig, CEO of Brooklyn SolarWorks and treasurer for New York State’s Solar Energy Industry Association (NYSEIA), was recognized for his contributions to New York State’s transition to renewable energy at City & State’s inaugural Trailblazers: Clean Energy Awards ceremony.

Ludwig was recognized for his commitment to making renewable energy accessible for New York City residents, both technically and financially.

T.R. is a key advocate and advisor for policies that support the development of solar in New York City. Notably, T.R. worked alongside New York City’s mayor, Eric Adams, tailoring his City of Yes Carbon Neutrality amendments to relax restrictive zoning regulations that have historically impeded the installation of solar.

In addition, Brooklyn SolarWorks was commended for their patented solar canopy, which is specifically designed to maximize system sizes throughout New York City and other urban environments, by optimizing solar development on flat roofs and parking lots.

City & State’s Trailblazers: Clean Energy Awards highlight a cross-section of leaders at the forefront of the clean energy transition, operating in a variety of fields including renewable energy, finance, engineering, and education

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