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7 Winning PR Tactics for Green Companies

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“As someone who has been in the boardrooms and manufacturing plants taking on these challenges for many years, I would have loved finding clear, addressable strategies and support like those found in this book.”

Jim SiplonCEO and President, EDC Warren County

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With consumers demanding more sustainable products and services, some companies and brands are exaggerating their green claims and credentials—resulting in “greenwashing,” an increasingly common marketing ploy. With millennials becoming increasingly astute at telling eco-fact from fiction, here’s how to earn their trust—and brand loyalty.

Well-known companies are being held to account for sustainability misinformation in marketing. Miscommunications, PR missteps, and blatant false advertising are sweeping the green market, so green businesses that sincerely take their eco-friendly mission to heart need to take charge of their image and messaging. This PR tactics guide shows that a greenwashed market doesn’t have to be a liability for green companies–it’s a branding opportunity.

Crafted by the green PR leaders who head Sustainable PR in Glens Falls, NY, this e-book is the best 10 minutes you’ll spend on your sustainable business marketing this year. Learn how your savvy green company can turn younger generations of skeptical consumers into fierce brand advocates with the power of earned media tactics.

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  • Find out how to use green messaging confidently despite growing skepticism in the market
  • Discover what you can learn from other green business’s mistakes, and how to seize your competitive advantage
  • Get actionable tactics to implement into your green PR campaign today, with tips on prioritizing transparency, showing vs. telling your value, and so much more

“This is a great step by step guide for business owners when considering how to market the sustainability of their operation. Each tip provides insight into what types of communication strategies speak to the financial markets as well as the consumer.””

Amy RyanChief Circular Economist, ESG Strategies & Vice-Chair of the Circular Economy Alliance - Strategic Foresight Board

“In a world of Conscience Capitalism, companies will find that their public image is reflected in their bottom line-- whether they are seen to harm or protect the environment. This eBook provides valuable insight on conveying sustainability initiatives in an impactful way.”

Mark Soberman, PhDDirector, Research & Development, Evanesce

“"From working in the ESG data industry, I know that empty promises and misleading statements from brands are exposed very quickly. Sustainable PR offers excellent suggestions for reaching the rapidly growing market of eco-conscious consumers who value authenticity and transparency.””

Dan CarrenoDirector of Business Development, Ethos ESG

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“So many businesses are already employing eco-friendly practices. Sustainable PR has an exciting e-book in the works that addresses how these businesses with green opportunities can establish effective practices and inform the marketplace.”

Michael BittelPresident, Adirondack Regional Chamber of Commerce